Storytelling Summit (PDX Live Event)

Storytelling Summit (PDX Live Event)
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 Join 19 others in Portland for an intimate 2-day storytelling experience (Aug 12/13).

Want to really deepen your functional understanding and ability to tell a story, regardless of medium? Then this event is for you.

This isn't about filmmaking, videos, or any specific medium– it's a 2-day event focused entirely on the deep structure and ancient art of story.

If you're familiar with the Muse Storytelling Process– we'll be recapping some key concepts presented there, however, this is far beyond the Muse curriculum.

Here's the scary part. This is not a lecture-style event. By joining this group in Portland, we're going to work with you on your storytelling ability, something you will actively practice with the group.

Everybody attending needs to be prepared to get involved, speak their truth, and be truly open to deepening their awareness of what story means and how it works.

Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Understanding how to work with the critical elements of a story (desire, conflict, and more) to create an emotional experience for your audience.
  • The art of the spoken word story (yes, you'll be practicing this). This will transform how you work with clients, your team or crew, and any time you really need to communicate in a way that moves and energizes people.
  • How to be a better listener and pull more out of those whose stories you're telling. The strongest storytellers are the best listeners and knowing how to hear what others won't will help you craft stories that others don't.
  • Telling your own story (whether that be personally, for your business, or brand). We'll help you build your story which will be filmed live in Portland for you to take home and have.

We'll have a special performance by a world-class spoken-word artist who will share what they know about storytelling. We'll also have a wrap party at the studio, an amazing opportunity to all hang out, have fun, and share what we've created together.

After signing up, Ivy will reach out to schedule a 1-on-1 call to get to know you, better understand your storytelling goals, and to introduce you to the Muse team and your fellow participants.

Your registration includes admission to the event, plus your meals on Saturday and Sunday. You're responsible for your airfare and accommodations, though we'll have group rates and suggestions to make your travel experience easy. 

Join Patrick and the Muse team for what will be an inflection point in your career and how you work with story. Saturday and Sunday, August 12th and 13th.

The event runs all day both days, from roughly 10am to 10pm.