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Pre-Registration for Muse Film School
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Save Your Spot for Muse Film School's Second Term—Launching February 12, 2018.

At Muse Film School you'll learn story fundamentals, go in the field to craft an inspiring short film, and master how to attract and work with ideal clients. Join us for the second term of Muse Film School, launching February 12th, 2018. 

Here's how Pre-Registration Works (and saves you money!)

Since we're limited to 30 spots, we ask for a $500, non-refundable deposit to hold your place in Muse Film School's second term.

This deposit will be paid toward your total course fees, and simply ensures that you're truly committed to joining.

We made the first round of Muse Film School as affordable as we could. However, the community coaches, additional travel budgets, and all of the time that goes into conducting multiple live webinars a week isn't something we can offer at that same price point again. 

This second term of Muse Film School will be offered at a 10-20% price increase. But by pre-registering before December 15th, you will be locked into the original price offered from the first term.

In short, this means you'll save 10-20% by saving your spot by December 15th, instead of waiting until registration opens to the public!


What you can expect from the 14-week curriculum:


Being able to create work you love, getting the respect of your clients, and being able to command higher budgets all starts with knowing how to make an emotionally moving film. And that starts with story.

With Muse Film School, you'll be taught the deep structure and ancient language of story. You'll also learn a step-by-step process for bringing your stories to life. 


It's only by doing that the core concepts can really solidify and come to life.

You'll be assigned to a group based on both your interests and geography. With the guidance of your coach and the muse Team, your group will find and develop a powerful film. Each group will produce an episode of the original web-series The Remarkable Ones (our original web-series that has gathered over 5 million views to date). 

You'll have your choice of a US or an international story and the muse Team will join you in the field for production to ensure you have guidance and support every step of the way. 


Using your knowledge of storytelling, you'll develop your brand and develop everything you need to master the client experience. 

We'll do a complete brand audit, help you develop your brand story, and arm you with everything else you'll need to pitch clients, properly budget and bid your work, and land the right jobs. 

Armed with the film you've created, you'll leave this program ready to drive the creative process, connect with clients you love, and get healthy production budgets.

Term 2 Start Date and Production Dates:

The second term of Muse Film School begins February 12, 2018. 

While we won't be able to provide exact dates of production, since it will depend on your team and the character in your story, you can expect to schedule 3 days of back-to-back, in-the-field production during the date range of March 27 - April 29, 2018. 

Film locations:

We have not yet determined the locations for the 5 group films. However, you can expect that there will be both an East Coast and West Coast option within the United States, as well as international locations, to choose from. 

Tuition Fees & Payment Plan Options:

Again, tuition fees for this term of Muse Film School will rise by an additional 10-20% when registration opens publicly. However, if you pre-register before December 15th, we will offer you the original tuition fees from the first term of Muse Film School, as listed below.


*The following includes base tuition fees only. Travel costs will be the responsibility of the participant: 

  • One-Time Fee // $4,500. You'd save 10% by paying the whole tuition fee up front. 
  • Three Monthly Payments // $1,665/Month. This is the preferred payment plan. 
  • 12-Monthly Payments // $1,000 Deposit + $400/Month for 11 Months. This is our most accessible payment plan. 


*The following includes tuition as well as your flights and accommodation during production. Please note that exotic locations may include an additional fee. 

  • One-Time Fee // $6,000. You'd save 10% by paying the whole tuition fee up front for this travel-included option. 
  • Three Monthly Payments // $2,167/Month. This is the all-inclusive preferred payment plan.
  • 12-Monthly Payments // $1,000 Deposit + $536/Month for 11 Months. This is our most accessible, all-inclusive plan. 

Please note that your $500 deposit WILL contribute toward the payment plan that you choose. Also, pre-registering does NOT mean you need to select a payment plan now. You will be able to wait until locations are revealed to choose which film location you prefer, and to select your payment plan.  

What Current Muse Film School Participants Are Saying:

"Muse has expertly crafted a hands-on, challenging learning environment where I have learned so much more than I expected. As I launch a brand-new business, I am so much more confident as a storyteller, filmmaker and business owner than I ever thought I could be. It would be difficult to overstate the value this course has brought to me personally as well as my business!"

—Bill Foster, Director of Team Reykjavik

"For me, Muse Film School was more than just a decision to become a better filmmaker, it was a way to change the way I approach my business, my craft, and more importantly, myself as a human being. I am thankful not only for the education and knowledge the Muse team offers, but for the unrelenting support and guidance as I try to make more intentional decisions and create stories that mean more to me and to the audiences I want to reach. It will push you in ways that you probably weren't anticipating, and I could not recommend going on this journey more."

— Braden Dragomir, Founder and Director of Make Hay Media 

Have more questions? Check out the Muse Film School Brochure for Further Details.


Click here to review the Muse Film School brochure.