Conducting Remarkable Interviews

Conducting Remarkable Interviews

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Conducting remarkable interviews isn't luck. It's a skill to be developed that enables you to connect with each interviewee and draw the most out of them.


This course shows you how to create a space where interviewees can go deeper and be their true selves. These techniques work throughout the interviewing experience, from pre-interviews, to interviews, to shooting b-roll with your characters.

What you can expect inside this course.

How to Conduct Remarkable Interviews is an approach to working with real people that's been developed over the past decade of filmmaking by Stillmotion. It's an approach that's backed by research in psychology, sociology, and neuroscience.

It's broken down into 6 modules, with 15+ skill-building videos and written tutorials: 

  • The Golden Rule of Working With Real People. This one flies in the face of what's taught in film school. This single rule lays the entire foundation for what's needed to create an open and positive space where remarkable results are possible.

  • Before the Shoot. Conducting a remarkable interview begins long before you sit down to ask questions. This set of 4 tutorials will help you develop your questions, prepare your interviewee for the kind of thoughtful interview that they've never experienced before, and make sure you are incredibly clear on what you're looking to achieve from each interview.

  • The 6 Core Techniques. 6 modules take you though each of our proven techniques. They're fun to learn, instantly accessible, and can be applied right away. Learn "They're a Reflection of You," "It's a Boxing Match," "Separate the Practical" and more.

  • Overcoming Common Interview Challenges. 6 modules help you overcome some of the most common challenges with interviews. What to do if the answers are too short, the answers are too long, how to find success interviewing kids, what do when you find yourself shooting the interview alone, what to do when the interviewee doesn't care, and how to inspire the interviewee to give context in his answer.

  • During & After the Interview. 2 modules help ensure sure you get the information you need during the interview, along with techniques to smoothly communicate everything back to the editor for a much smarter post-production process.

  • Full Interview Examples. See real-life, uncut interviews conducted by Stillmotion. See the techniques in action, see how we handle objections, and witness a rough interview or poor answer get transformed into something much more meaningful through the application of these techniques.

By joining, you receive lifetime access to these online modules and all of the tools inside of them. You can always come back to the course to review lessons, tutorials, and, video examples.

As with all of our storytelling courses, we offer a two week 100% satisfaction guarantee. If this material doesn't greatly help your storytelling, we're happy to offer a full refund.