Muse is a storytelling process developed by Stillmotion over a decade of field experience and years of research.

At its core, The Muse process is built on the 4 Pillars of story; People, Places, Purpose, and Plot. By understanding the foundation of story, the 4 Pillars, and their role in story, we can then look at how to maximize each facet of our story. The process is built on the idea 'Guide the heart but move the mind.' We need to first move people emotionally if we wish to change their perspective and behavior. The entire process is backed by years of research in psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, and sociology.

Story is the vehicle that lets us move people and bring them to our purpose. And Muse helps you construct that vehicle to be the most badass, intentional, supercharged one it can be.



Muse is about story—about using a process to help you structure an engaging plot with remarkable characters that will truly connect your audience. And story is relevant to anyone who wants to create a connection, be that a photographer, narrative filmmaker, or cinematographer—no matter if you're a hobbyist or expert. Story is a human convention; it existed before written language, and Muse will help you tell stronger stories in any medium.

Our background is in event filmmaking, so at its release Muse best helps those looking to find and build strong stories, namely event filmmakers of any genre.

While filmmakers who create narratives and feature films will definitely benefit from Muse and its approach to story structure, there are definitely gaps for the narrative filmmaker (i.e. we don't touch on dialogue). A narrative version of Muse is being developed and is slated for release near the end of Q1 2016.

For the time being, Muse really shines when put to use by filmmakers who work with weddings, documentaries, and commercial work.


When you join, you'll get lifetime access to the Muse Collective. At it's core, that comes with deep training in the craft of story. Learn why and how story works and get a process to be able to bring your stories to life in a reliable, repeatable, and remarkable way.

The main way to learn Muse is a content rich online course. You’ll get lifetime access and it’s accessible on any device. Muse’s 4 Pillars of story are explored over a series of modules. Each module has a series of video tutorials, a succinct recap, discussions, worksheets, and case-studies. You can also download audio-only versions of the videos, as well as transcripts.

To support in your learning, you’ll get access to our Muse Guides. You can reach out directly to the Muse Guides inside the platform and they will help you with any concepts you're struggling with or if you’re simply unsure about how to apply an idea to what you do.

You'll also get access to our Muser community; a custom developed forum with rooms for you to connect and collaborate with other filmmakers and storytellers who are trained in the Muse process. The biggest feedback we've heard from our first round of folks in the program was that they wanted a way to connect with people who shared the same language and passion for story; our forums were then built to help meet that need.

To recap, every Muse membership comes with lifetime access to all of the content that will help you gain a deep understanding of the Muse process (and, by extension story), to our Muse Guides, and to the Muser community.


Learn Muse through the online course which takes you through the 4 Pillars of story (People, Places, Purpose, and Plot) in 6 modules.

Each module is complete with a series of tutorial videos, lesson recaps, discussions, worksheets, and case studies. The course leads you on a path through all of the core course material. Supplemental information (i.e. case studies) is provided to help deepen your understanding.

We’ve designed the Muse course to maximize learner outcomes because, after all, a course you haven’t completed or don’t fully understand will never create the fundamental shift in your storytelling. And that’s why we built this thing in the first place.

Maximizing learner outcomes also means we’ve taken the time to explain the why behind each step so you can do more than simply use the process, you can truly and deeply understand story.

And to top it off we have Muse Guides, folks who would love nothing more than to hear about where you’re getting stuck and help you find a way through it. All entirely complimentary as part of delivering on our promise.


Our Muse Guides are here to help guide you in learning the Muse process. Have a question about why the Complexity of your character is so vital to sustaining your audience? We’re here to help and ensure you understand the concepts fully and deeply.

Please do note that we’re here to help you learn the process and how to apply it to what you do. We’re not able to provide 1-on-1 support as you look to tell you’re own stories. We’d like to offer that support as well, but it wouldn’t be sustainable to include that much 1-on-1 time with every membership.


We guarantee that Muse will have an immediate impact on your storytelling. You’ll come away with a deep understanding of our proven process for creating stories that guide the heart and move the mind. And if you ever find yourself stuck, our Muse Guides are there to help.

But if Muse ultimately is not for you, we’ll refund your purchase in full. No hassles... Just contact us within two weeks of purchase.

We call it our 'Go Deep or Go Home' policy. If Muse doesn't help you go deep with story, if our Muse Guides can't help you see your way through, then we're happy to offer you a refund within the first two weeks of signing up.


The Muse process has been developed with a decade of real-world filmmaking and storytelling experience by the Stillmotion team. Our stories have won 5 Emmys and we’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands out there. Folks like ATT, Apple, Callaway, NFL, MLB, Toyota, and more.

But more than just storytellers, we’ve long been educators as well. We’ve conducted hundreds of workshops across the globe. We’ve taught for Canon, Vimeo, and YouTube. And we’ve done research of research in the fields of Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Neuroscience to ensure that what we teach is backed not just in experience, but by science as well.

We believe education is a massive responsibility. The opportunity to add to somebody's thinking might just be one of the greatest ways we can help each other. And that means that the ideas need to be both informative and informed. They need to be engaging. And they need to be structured in a way that supports learners in truly understanding the core concepts along with why they are true. In this way. we also hope that learners will not simply learn how to make better films or videos, but that they will think through the subject and see a myriad of other ways these concepts can be applied in their daily life. After all, story is everywhere.

The Muse process is built on the idea that we must guide the heart, yet move the mind. We need to move people emotionally if we want to change their perspective or behavior. This concept was presented at the United Nations in 2014 to a group of global business leaders. And Muse was created to be a step-by-step clear and tangible way to find and build stories in a way that will move your audience and bring them to your purpose, whether that’s a product, service, issue, or idea.

And Muse is now being taught in several universities and colleges in their filmmaking programs. Watch our stories. They were built with nothing more than heaps of passion and a super clear process. If you enjoy stories like Old Skool, The Final Stitch, or Soar, then you’ll love learning the process that brought them to life.


We are a team of loud and curious souls. We are, quite literally, obsessed with story. Story’s structure, characters, and how to build stronger ones. Our stories have won Emmys, they've been used by the world’s largest brands, and they've made a real difference in the world (our film that tackled child slavery, as an example).

We're relentless in our pursuit of stories that the world needs to hear. We’re driven to create deep and authentic connections with the audience. And we love building tools that empower others to better use story.

Oh, and we’re in love with Portland, OR. It’s where we call home.


When you learn the MUSE process you also gain a strong understanding of story. That understanding, when paired with a step-by-step process, will cause a radical shift in your filmmaking.

It means you’ll have incredible clarity about how to bring your story to life, what needs to be done next, and what it will turn out like.

It means you’ll have tons of confidence that, if you listen, if you take your time to build the story, you will reputably and reliably end up with a story that moves your audience.

It means you’ll be able to move your audience in a much deeper way. Rather than getting distracted or not finishing your video, you’ll create stories where people will want to click play again as soon as they’ve finished.

Having a process also helps you gain more creative control than you may have ever imagined. You’ll gain the tools to understand your client’s goals and what they aim to achieve. With these tools, you'll be in charge of bringing their goals to life as opposed to being told what and how to shoot.

Better results on a consistent basis along with a clear process that you can share with your clients means you can also expect to raise your rates. And because your stories are moving and intentional, you’ll have a much easier time getting clients at those rates.

And, very importantly, you can close the gap between those ideas you’ve been dreaming of and the stories that you end up bringing to life. You can create work you’re proud of. Work that you feel lives up to it’s potential, and what you thought it could be.


In general, online courses teach you how to do something. Want to learn how to blog, operate a camera, or perhaps cook amazing meals? An online course can help you with that. Muse is a breakthrough storytelling process, and it’s that process that is at the core of your membership. The online course portion will help you learn Muse, but the content and knowledge is all developed and researched entirely for Muse.

In addition, you’ll get the support of our Muse Guides as you learn the process and you’ll get access to our community of Musers to share your stories and toss around ideas when you need it. Much more than a course, you’re purchasing the Muse methodology and our teams commitment to helping you become a strong storyteller.


As soon as you join Muse, you’ll be set up with an account and have full access to the content and the community. There are 6 modules overall, the first being an introduction.

You could stock up on Red Bull and spend the next 24 hours making your way through everything Muse (though we certainly wouldn’t advise that).

There are 6 modules overall, the first being an introduction. Our guided challenges start after the first week and you’ll have a two week window to learn the content and join the challenge. If you complete the challenge within that period you’ll get personalized feedback from our Muse Guides.

Overall, considering busy schedules and everything else you’ve got going on, we’d recommend spending time on Muse once a week and over the course of the next two months you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of story. But, do remember, that you’ll have lifetime access so you can come back and learn at your pace should you get pulled away or need to start at a later date.